Susan  Ithungu placed her trust in Christ at age 13, this led to the furious reaction of her father who beat her and locked her in a room for six months which resulted to long term illness. Meanwhile, her brother secretly gave her food and water when she was locked, if not, she would have died. Eventually, neighbors became concerned and told police, who rescued her from the home. But Susan suffered many other health challenges and VOM has continued to stand with Susan and help provide the care she needs. According to her doctor, Susan will have her last surgery when she turns 21.

Now 20 years old, Susan places her hope firmly in Christ and is grateful for the help she has received from the global body of Christ. This is her confession:

“My life has been a challenge to me since I accepted Christ in my life. It has given me so many lessons about Christianity. With all I have gone through, nothing can take me away from Christ. Through pain and moments in hospital, I have seen the love of God through the caring people like you who have prayed for me, supported me financially and offered time to be with me.”

God will never leave or forsake you (Hebrews 13.5b)

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