Children in the Kingdom

by Pastor Silas Sule

Hebrews 4:1 & 6:1-3

There is a difference between a child and an heir. An heir has direct access to the inheritance of his parents while the child may be liable to inherit what his parent has, but not fully ready or matured to be given access to what is meant for him or her.

Maturity implies imbibing according to covenant way of life and being a light in the neighbourhood (area of residence, work place, market place and everywhere we find ourselves). Most of all, it requires a consistent fruitful relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This is the only way a child can grow to be a son or an heir to the Kingdom.

Inheritance will be withheld from a child that shows no maturity to handle the assets of the Kingdom. Gal. 4:1. In other words, the inability to grow, hinders the gift to be passed down to a child. Hence, we are expected to grow to maturity to attract what belongs to us.

If there are still attributes listed below in us, that mean we are not yet matured believers. Loving sweet things (easy living) and hate challenges, or fall whenever being tempted (John 6:26-27); pray only about what personally concerns us (Luke 18:10); prayerlessness and carelessness to the things of the father.

When we are spiritually matured, we will invest in prayer, studying the scripture, seeking God’s will, and being a blessing to others around.

A sure thing to maturity is the improvement of the relationship that exists between me and the father by constant learning and obeying the directions God gives to me.

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