There are many temptations in this world that Satan created for you to fall under. He had placed a vail onto your eyes in which they will not let you see, what path your life is heading for. Take a moment to realize what your life has come to, and how many people around you love you and want you to change not for them but for your own good.

I want you to take a look at yourself and say aloud what you feel, Do you feel mad? Alone? Sad? Hopeless? Avoided? Resented? Stepped on perhaps?, well let me tell you something. You aren’t alone there are many people who people how you feel , but most important i want you to know that none of those things are true God loves you and that’s all that matters you may not see him but he is there. If you feel like you’re alone and that you just handle it anymore and you are just about to give that’s not the answer.

Me being a survivor has been through many things I have been through many attempts of rape, divorce, problems with my mom and her boyfriend and me myself having relationship problems where I felt like hurting myself was the only solution that was available. I believed that cutting my skin had let out pain, but in reality it had let it more pain. I couldn’t handle myself which i had thought of committing suicide.

I started ignoring the people I loved and started to believe i was alone. I cried every night, i said i wasn’t worth anything, I said I wish I were to be someone people loved. I faced myself through the mirror where I realized I was wrong.

In the beginning days of December i started going to church but I felt that it wouldn’t fulfil me. Once again I layed crying in my bed at night. Until something told me to stop so I did and I layed in deep silence. I heard a voice that Night it had told me “Don’t feel alone, as I am with you, don’t try to be someone you are not because you are perfect just the way you are”

I felt the presence beside me everywhere i went at church i felt more closer to God I listened to my pastor in which he would talk about many people in Depression, many teens doing drugs, things that ruin their lives and lead themselves to misery well that all Satan wants to do he wants you to fall under the vail the doesn’t let you see the Glory of God and the Mercy that he has over you. I want you to take courage because God wants you to know that you are capable of doing great things with him walking beside you that anything impossible for the flesh is possible with the Glory of God over you.

I want you to declare that you are to free from any bad temptations, any bad negative thoughts. I want you to declare that you are to triumph and be led to victory, and for you to see the glory of the Lord and that he will stand aside you thought the good and bad, because then you will realize that everything you been through led you to be the great person you are to become or you already are. I just want you to know that the Lord awaits for you to come to him with his arms wide open for you, to feel the warmth of his love.

Blessings (: smile everyday is to live to the fullest